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Thrive Center - House Rules

We’re helping people live well!  Our office staff is committed to educating and empowering people to increase healthier lifestyle choices.

Being a holistic health center, we have the flexibility to assist you on many levels; recognizing the complexity of each and every person’s health concerns, desires and ultimate goals.  In short, we don’t “cookie cutter solution” anybody.

Our primary intention is to offer an experience that is patient centered and as comprehensive as our scope of practice allows.  As practitioners, we focus to stay on the latest edge of treatment protocol in exchange for your valued patronage.

To support YOU to “THRIVE” ~ Services include: chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, massage & bodywork, health & lifestyle coaching, detoxification programs, holistic health education offerings, worksite health promotion programs, and resource / networking links.  In addition, we carry and recommend nutritional supplements, and a variety of body / mind stress reduction and healthy lifestyle retail products.

Think of us as being on “Your Team” ~ you too have an important role to play in your outcomes, which can often reduce your frequency of visits ~ saving you money!  Better health is a process, not an isolated event.  It is what we do for our body & mind, versus what we do to our body & mind that ultimately determines our health & vitality.

If / when your individual concerns are something that we feel are outside our level of professional training and ability; we will collaborate with you to find a practitioner that is best suited to serve your specific condition and / or needs.  Remember our goal ~ to support YOU to THRIVE!

House Rules of Exchange~   We operate on mutual respect and attempt to always be as understanding as possible.  Our office does bill to most major insurance companies including Medicare & Medicaid (as their current policies allow).  Payment for non-covered services and deductibles is due at the time of service.  For those patients who are uninsured or under-insured, our office participates with ChiroHealthUSA, a discount network group.  Please ask a staff member if you have questions about this program and the discounts available for non-covered services.  We accept cash, check, and Master Card, Visa & Discover as forms of payment.  Thank you!

Our office requests a 24-hour notice of any cancellation; and reserves the right to charge a minimum office investment of $45.00 for the time that we have secured for you.  Missed appointments can have an effect on the timeliness of your recovery and they may inhibit the ability of another patient to be seen in a time of need.  Further, notices of cancellation enhance the day to day operations of our office and decrease the volatility of running a center of this nature.  We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

For balances older than 60 days, a 5% late fee is applied monthly.

Parking~ Parking is at a premium on Main Street in Wallingford.  We can often fit two cars in front of our building and try to avoid parking in front of our neighbors’ buildings.  Thank you for understanding.

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Chiropractic Care ~

Many of the Chiropractic services provided are covered by insurance companies and each company has its own set of guidelines and reimbursement rates.  However, insurance companies will only cover services that are based on medical necessity.

Our office participates with several insurance carriers and, when appropriate, we will bill the insurance company for you.  Please note ~ this is not a guarantee that your insurance company will pay for your visit. Therefore, you may be responsible for a portion or all of the fees associated with your visit. 

In addition, insurance carriers will not pay for “maintenance or preventative” care.  For our patients who participate in a maintenance program, it is the responsibility of the patient to pay for those services in full.  Our advice to you is to contact your insurance company so that you clearly understand what is and is not covered as per your policy.  Please inquire about our participation in the ChiroHealthUSA discount network to help offset the cost of maintenance care.

For our Medicare and Medicaid patients, please note that Medicare and Medicaid will pay for spinal adjustments only and will not pay for exams, x-ray, adjunctive modalities, etc.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the patient to pay for those services in full.  It is our policy to provide a comprehensive evaluation and exam for all Chiropractic patients.  If you have questions or concerns, please ask!

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork ~

Massage is available by appointment and is not typically covered by insurance carriers in the state of Vermont.  The exceptions to this rule can include: auto accidents, personal injury and/or workers compensation claims.  Once again, these types of insurances are not a guarantee of coverage and it is always best to verify coverage.
The therapists who work in conjunction with our office, have been trained in a variety of massage modalities (>15) with over 40 years of combined experience, offering a thorough range of full body massage and other modalities.  We feel it is essential for the therapist and client to maintain an open dialog before and during the massage, to ensure your expectations have been met during your session.

Session Investments: 50 minutes – $45; 70 minutes – $65; 90 minutes – $85.  Series discounts may apply ☺ ~ Ask for more information.

Additional offerings include: house calls, couples massage tutoring, and on-site chair massage. If you have a special event or corporate wellness day, consider chair massage as a portion of your program.  Further information on all modalities offered, is available.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our competence, compassion, and scheduling flexibility ~ 7 days a week.

10 & 21-Day Nutritional Detoxification Programs

At the Thrive Center we offer a variety of detoxification programs, in conjunction with Standard process and other whole food nutritional companies.  10 & 21-day programs are available to help catapult you upon a better nutritional path; assisting to increase equilibrium of your mind, body, and spirit.  Vitality, clarity, decreased inflammation, reduced aches and pains, are some of the outcomes, to name just a few.  Please ask us for more details.

Ionic Cleanse Detoxification Footbath

Our center offers Ionic Cleanse Detoxification treatments.  This system uses positively and negatively charged ions as a means to draw toxins out of your body through the soles of your feet.  The treatment is performed as a 30-minute footbath.  A Footbath Detox investment is $35 per session, and if you come in for 3 sessions, the 3rd is only $20.00.

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Community Acupuncture

We hold a community acupuncture clinic on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  Licensed acupuncturist Virginia Voronin offers attendees an opportunity to experience the tradition of ear acupuncture followed by 30 minutes of contemplative silence.  The clinic asks a free-will donation which goes to Acupuncturists Without Borders.  For more information about this group, please see the brochure on the sign-up clipboard.

Annual Yoga Sampler

Each year, in the early winter to early spring, the Thrive Center presents a sampler of yoga classes or workshops.  Each class/workshop is taught by a different area instructor.  There is a nominal fee for each event, depending on length, and a portion of the proceeds benefit area organizations and charities each year.  There are occasional “field trips” to area yoga studios.  Attending this sampler will allow you to experience many different yoga styles & instructors without committing to a long-term class.  Please see our Facebook page for updates.

Ear Candling

Also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative modality  practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the outer reaches of the ear canal.  This treatment includes REIKI energy work and as much neck and facial massage, as possible.  Given the controversial nature of the topic, the client / patient is asked to provide their own candles, that they choose correct for themselves.  Overall, we have found this to be an effective to very effective treatment.  The investment per 50 minute treatment is $35.

Hair Analysis

We offer a hair analysis service through Trace Elements Labs.  The investment for a hair analysis report is $102.  This includes a comprehensive written report and a follow-up appointment to review the results and discuss the next steps you may want to take for nutrition or supplements.  Go to for more detailed information.

Paraffin Wax Hand Baths

Paraffin wax is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases — the heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles, which can help relieve caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia [sources: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, WebMD]. Paraffin wax can even soften hardened skin caused by scleroderma, a disease in which collagen accumulates on the body ~ It increases the skin’s elasticity, allowing for increased movement and mobility, especially on the skin covering the hands.

But the benefits of paraffin wax don’t stop there. Because paraffin wax treatments are a form of heat therapy, they’re often used for muscle, tendon and ligament ailments. As with conditions like arthritis, they increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain. They’re also used to treat bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.  Dip investments start at $12 per treatment.

Personal and Professional Life Coaching ~

Lisa M. Donohue, MA, LMT is a certified personal health & lifestyle coach, since 2005,  through the model; and as such has served many to uncover and address personal and career oriented issues that may be limiting potential.

Specialty Niche Areas Include: Catapulting One’s Health and Wellness, “Sandwich” Generation Issues / Challenges, Reinventing Oneself, Accelerating Your Small Business, Bringing Amplitude & Excellence to Your Soulful Marketing, and Husband and Wife work teams, among others.

Coaching is available on a one to one basis and in small groups.  Additionally, for the last 10 years, Lisa has served as an adjunct professor at Castleton State College, offering several courses ~ including an “Introduction to Health & Lifestyle Coaching”, popularized across campus.

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Lisa’s inspiring spirit naturally motivates one to claim their unique capabilities and resident wisdom within.  Her passionate and focused style catalyzes even those incubating for ages into action.  What wild dreams float through your head?   Success is within your reach!

For more information contact Lisa directly.

The investment per 60 minute session is $45.

Holistic Health Education ~

Our Center has been offering on-going health education programs, lectures, presentations, and events on a variety of topics since 2000.  Now is the perfect time to get involved.  Please ask to be included in our marketing efforts.  Programs are often free or always tithed to a local charity / beneficiary.  If you have ideas we’re open to hear about those too!

Worksite Health Promotion Programs ~

Onsite services are available for worksites and virtually wherever people gather [i.e. from meetings to community group events].  We bring  to the region over 20 years of experience in holistically oriented worksite wellness and community health promotion programming; Lisa having developed and implemented over 135 wellness programs and health education events within corporations, communities, and schools in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Georgia.

Services include: a wide variety of health education, intermezzos and jazzings, injury prevention programs, an array of assessments, program development / maintenance, and so much more!

Referrals ~

YES ~ we certainly welcome referrals, the truest of compliments, and appreciate your trust in us.

Who should you refer?  People who are self-motivated to play an active role in their health and care; those who can visualize their health improvement as a life-long commitment.

Thank you for choosing the Thrive Center for your health and wellness needs.  We look forward to this mutual opportunity in serving you.  May your adventure in health improvement never end!

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Joseph Donohue, DC,

Lisa Donohue, MA, LMT

& Our Fabulous Staff

“Become the change you wish to see.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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